Handmade custom candles


Hello my lovelies! I’ve come to share with you guys this handmade candle from this lovely lady, and a dear friend called @Faithnphotography, her business is run through Instagram so check her out! The candles I received were custom made with a quote  on one side and my name, Amani, in Arabic calligraphy on the other side.

The candle is made to a very high standard and looks very impressive. You can see the hard work that was put into making the candle - I’m absolutely loving it! As the candles can be custom made this can be a perfect gift to someone special on their birthday, wedding etc and would be something unique. Photographs of loved ones can be added on the candle too <3

I also want to mention that she is an A M A Z I N G photographer, I was lucky to work with her for an abaya shoot, check my previous post to see the pictures! She has done countless shoots for weddings and has received a great deal of compliments on her work – I would highly recommend her to anyone!! As she is a female photographer, this is perfect for my Muslim ladies having an event, birthday, wedding etc, where you won’t be wearing a hijab and need female photographer

Contact details 
Instagram: @Faithnphotography

Have a Blessed Day My Loves

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